Qualmendes iPhone

Ganz ungefährlich ist das Unlocking des iPhones nicht, wie zwei Bastler aus Mosambik feststellen mussten:

Well, we did all the software part, it was going ok, then we got to open the iphone, got the antenna part off, a bit difficult but not too bad. then I decided to go and look for something to try and pry open the metal part, after taking the 3 screws out, as I was gone, less than 2 minutes my friend, who was with me (he was just there to push the button when we got to the part were 2 people are needed) suddenly started to scream, I came rushing back, and the iphone was just sitting there, black stuff all over the table, as i went to pick it up, i burnt the tips of my fingers. it was HOT, very, very HOT.
I think he put something into the phone and somehow punctured the battery, but I am not sure. I had to put it in cold water for it to cool down. And it took a long time for it to cool down. Also there was a very strong smell, and unpleasant as well…any idea?? I am sure it did us no good…now I have a dead iphone…if only there was a software unlock..

Explodiertes iPhone

Tja, dumm gelaufen… Da versucht man auf allen Wegen an ein iPhone zu kommen und dann raucht einem das gute Ding einfach ab…

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