WP 2.0.2 Security Release

tastaturisiert am Freitag, 10. März 2006 um 11:07:08 Uhr

Alle, die sich wegen der angeblichen Sicherheitslücken in WordPress 1.5+ und 2.0+ Sorgen gemacht haben, können aufatmen:

An important security issue has been brought to the attention of the WordPress team and we have worked diligently to bring you a new stable release that addresses it. Our latest version 2.0.2 contains several bugfixes and security fixes.

Aber, das “important security issue” bezieht sich nicht auf die schon bekannten angeblichen Sicherheitslücken:

Just a quick note: this is different than the snake-oil reports that went out on some security lists a few days ago. There were a couple, but they were either not actual security problems, too small to warrant a release, or just patently false. Remember: just because you read it on a mailing list doesn’t mean that it’s true. We’d be the first people to panic if there was an actual problem.

Hier gibts das Security Release.

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